MTC Week 2 - One More Week in the MTC!

Sorry I didn't say that I got the pictures but I did.  I am also very happy that you read through the Book of Mormon in 3 months. I would to thank you guys for praying for me as well because it has really been helping when I have been missing home.

This week has been good. Sadly the food is getting a little stranger. On Monday we had rice which is in every meal and a fish head! which i tried but.... lets just say i couldn't take another bite.

Well this week has been amazingly spiritual. I have been learning so much in the classrooms. Are teachers are amazing and funny which makes it really fun and easy to learn. Plus i slept so well the last couple of nights because there were thunder storms which brought the temperature down so much at night.  I could actually put on some clothing to stay warm rather then just sleeping in my garment on a plain mattress. 

Anyway I did get to watch a lot of conference this past week which was great because I feel like I was able to get so much out of it. It was truly amazing. As for my companion, he is from Ghana Accra and he well be serving in Kumasi as well so I well probably run into to him there which well be nice. This week has been good. Sadly the food is getting a little stranger.

We also have been teaching fake investigators. so I guess you could say my investigators are doing good... The other elders say they don't count but i think i am just going to say that they do for now.  

Anyway i want to thank everyone who has been emailing me and i am sorry that i cant email everyone back but i do appreciate it. I also hope i continue to be in your guys prayers. They really do help.

Now for your questions. My official p-day once I am in the field well be Monday and I get out in the field this Tuesday....that is insane to think about! That I will actually be walking around in Africa on Tuesday! I am so excited to go! As for things that I need, I don't think I need anything for now but I well let you know in the future.

Elder Barnum


  1. Great missionary. Such a great letter. So excited for him!


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