Week 4 - Mampong Abronie

So this week was a crazy one because I am finally out here in Mampong. It is so amazing here! The people here are very nice and do not mind stopping to talk with you. Sadly most don't speak English, so i am having to learn Twi, which is really hard because they laugh if you get it wrong and they laugh if you get it right because I am a "abronie" or white person. But it is still so much fun! Luckily my companion Elder Nuamah speaks Twi and can tranzlate for me.  Also yes i had fufu it was actually ok until they asked me to put the soup on it which had some random fish parts floating in it. Luckily i was able to keep it down.

Elder Nuamah has also real been helpful with teaching me how to teach. I have already been able to ask someone to be baptized and she said yes! Her name is Dora and she is so strong with the spirit. I can really feel the Holy Ghost when we teach her.
I am so happy to be serving here even if the food is really fishy a lot of  the time. Anyway it rains a lot here usually every other day mostly at night though. We are still able to go out and teach during the day. One of the nice things here is a family named the Corbit family. They try to feed us every day and they also know that i am a not from Kumasi so they usually try and feed me what other white guys have liked in the past. They are some of the nicest people I know here.

I well be sure to wear sunscreen more often...haha. Also i am wearing my hat so that is good.

Well I hope everyone is doing well back home I love you guys and pray for you all.
Elder Barnum

Mission Home Arrival Pictures {April 11, 2017}

Elder Barnum & Elder Nuamah

Mission President Brother & Sister Cosgrave


  1. Oh wow he does need to wear sunscreen! He sounds good though!!


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