Week 5 - Missionary Life


That is one way we say hello in twi but there are so many ways to say hello like sometimes I say "ete sen".

1.What is your house like?

The house is nice, no AC but we have three fans inside our room to keep it cool. We also have a lot of power outages all the time but I am getting used to it now.

2. What is your typical day like?

Wake up, pray, shower then study for a couple of hours then train a bit. Then we head out to look for people and normally stop by two or three members houses during the day. Then head back around 8 so we can get home by nine.

3. Has Dora set a baptism date or will you just continue to teach her for a while?

Ya, 5/6/17 is what we are shooting for and we well continue to teach her as well.

4. Are you riding bikes or on foot?

We are walking everywhere but luckily Mampong is one of the cooler places in my mission.

5. Is the place you're in more of a city with cars or a countryside?

It is a city that was placed in the middle of a jungle so one moment you are on a busy road the next a small path in the jungle.

6. Are you having to wash your own clothes and prepare some of your meals?

yes to both! Man I really am starting to miss washing machines. I have been doing all of my washing by hand. I think this is the lords way of humor sense I  never really did my laundry much at home.

7. Do you know if you can video chat for Mother's Day? Or just a phone call?

Not sure, I well have to check and get back to you on that.

Well I love you guys I hope everything goes smoothly this week for you.

Love, Elder Barnum