Week 8 & 9 - Baptisms!

May 23rd

So the baptism was great! I was really nervous before i stepped into the water but as soon as we were both in the water I felt the spirit so strong. So now i have officially had my first "harvest" as my companion put it.
Love, Elder Barnum

May 29th

Hey Everyone,

This last month has been great. We baptized sister Dorthy and now we set another baptismal date for a Sister named Diana. She is truly an amazing person. She has been feeding us almost every night for the last month and she finally let us give her another lesson after we had finished dinner. Normally she just lets us finish dinner then she asks if we well walk her home but last Saturday she sat down next to us with her book of Mormon and said "are you going to teach me our are you to tired?" We both sat up we excitement and began to teach her about the plan of salvation. Even though she has heard all the lessons, we felt like we should teach her this lesson again. After we had started though, I felt that I should ask her to bare her testimony. Once I did this she looked puzzled and said she did not have one. I looked at her and said then what do you believe in? She answered and then I asked her do you have faith in those things and are they real? She looked at me and said "yes I know they are real." Then I said that is your testimony. Then my companion looked at her and asked what is holding you back from Baptism? She said she did not know and she wanted time to think about everything. After we had gone back to our apartment, she called us and said she knew it was true. Now she is going to be baptized this Saturday and I can not wait to see her when she comes out of that water with her big smile.

 So I guess you can say things are going very well here in Mampong.

Elder Barnum