Letters in the Mail

These letters were from sometime in May...

Dear Mom,

I've realized that this letter will not get to you on Mother's Day but I still want to say Happy Mother's Day to you. I love you so much. You want to know a funny memory I have? We were still living on Vineyard and I said I was faster than you and I ran into that back street and stopped to look back and you were sprinting full speed at me and eventually got me. Also when you and my dad played soccer against my soccer team and you were the only parents that were actually good... haha, that was real fun! Sometimes I wish I was back home so I could give you a hug because no one here is really willing to give me hugs and I can't go around to all of my investigators giving hugs.... well I could but that would be strange.

Anyway you are the best mom a kid could have. Even if you wanted me to be black (haha, just kidding).

Love, Elder Barnum

Dear Family,

Mampong has been crazy awesome! it is a city within the jungle. We are about a 1 1/2 miles outside the main part of the city and when you are tired at the end of the day, it seems a lot farther. People were not wrong when they said missionary sleep is the best sleep you will ever have. I always seem to wake up with energy. This is definitely a blessing. Let's see, what else can I say? The people here are very nice and haven't seen any crazy animals yet but they say I will in other cities so I will let you know when I see one. Another thing is that I have finally adjusted to the weather and I also have been very happy since I realized my companion, Elder Nuamah had all of the Disney songs on a flash drive. He has songs from Spirit, Brother Bear, Ice Age, Toy Story, Treasure Planet, and so many more! I just miss watching movies now because well... you know how I am with movies. Anyway, I love you guys so much and tell Gavin my fish better be there when I get back.

Love, Elder Barnum