Week 10-12 - Working Hard

June 5th, 2017

Wow Old town! I really miss that place I always went there with friends to hang put and to eat. As for eating yes I am getting enough food but there is a big difference between eating pizza, burritos, and sugar opposed to eating Rice, chicken, or bread for every meal. Also Diana's baptism went great I baptized her and confirmed her last week. Well I love you guys keep it up and have lots of fun this summer!
Diana's Baptism

Eating Fufu

June 12th, 2017

Man I love the game ninja. Looks like  you guys are having a good time back home. Also it is good to know that you got home safe from your trip.
As for Diana sadly she is divorced but she does have a small little girl named Nana who is super funny. The man that you saw in the picture was someone from another branch that I baptized. This week we have a zone conference that I am looking foreword to because that means I get to see some of the guys that I went to the MTC with. Sadly none of them are the white missionaries that I flew with but I still have a strong relationship with them. 
I well continue to pray for the entire family. Tell the kids I love them and give them all a hug for me.

Elder Barnum

June 19th, 2017

Zone  conference was awesome. We had such a good time there and the messages were amazing! As for me, Diana our recent convert is becoming Relief Society President. It is amazing how fast she is progressing. I can tell she is going to do great things.
Also for the Ghana food you should try Bonku and Fufu. It is what I had to eat my first couple of days here😉
Please give a little punch to Gavin for taking care of my fish then give him a candy for me😂.
Elder Barnum
P.S. The pic were I look awesome is what a missionary should look like at the end of the day.