Where is the Water?

So this week has been a great one. My companion and I were able to meet with a man named Oduro who owns a bar.  He is always super willing to meet with us now that he knows why we are walking around all day. Before he thought we were asking people to donate money so he tried to hide from us. Now he wants to be baptized... So it should be interesting when we get to the lesson about the word of wisdom.

Another man we taught last Sunday was named P.J Lawson. We decided to teach him during second hour in a empty room and near the end of our discussion he asked where the water was so he could be baptized. We told him that we had some other things we would need to teach him before he could be baptized but he kept saying there is no time, what if Christ comes tomorrow and I am not baptized? Long story short he will be baptized in three weeks.

Anyway I hope everything is going good back home. I am also sorry that I haven't been able to email everyone lately but due to some problems with power, time, and Internet it has been difficult but I well continue to keep trying.

Love you all!
Elder Barnum
P.S. The last picture is of a day we caught in the rain and our phone was dead so we had to walk home.